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Big Data & Analytics

M&GT has the objective of supporting its clients in their business. The experience of the M&GT members makes the use cases develop by applying a global vision of the business where every unit that is involved and necessary participates, thus maximizing the return of investment in the short them. Besides, complex projects can be elaborated by adapting the complex Big Data technology to the business and the use cases.

The systems of Data Analytics & Big Data are complex and they involve countless constant decisions that have impact in the different business areas. Aligning the business requirements with the Date Lake or Data Warehouse is crucial. The most sophisticated tools don’t solve this problem. It is precise to have a clear and correct strategy, while bearing in mind the business as the objective.

M&GT has experience in Data Analytics & Big Data projects and can give support to companies in every stage of their projects: from definition and requirements taking until the beginning of production and its later maintenance. Thanks to the professionals that are part of the M&GT Big Data Excellence Center, we deliver the best assessment to our clients to participate in projects that are highly complicated. Plus, we always look for the best approach and guarantee the delivery of the Big Data system with success within an estimated period.


   Business-Oriented Big Data

M&GT has a strong emphasis in the development of projects oriented to a clear and quick return of investment, while proposing the optimal solution to the necessary use case. The Project will only be successful if the complete vision of the pursued business objective is kept at all times.

   Big Data Excellence Center

Our M&GT Consulting professionals are part of a center specialized in Big Data in which professionals acquire technical knowledge through internal certifications, meetings and assessment to develop their work for our clients.

   Forefront Technology

The Big Data technological architectural aren’t selected according to favoritism, but through assessment and by knowing how to choose the best option regarding the nature and objectives of the client’s project.


  Areas of specialization

M&GT Consulting develops Big Data and Analytics projects by using resources of 3 essential areas: data collection and ingestion, data processing and transformation and application of algorithms and analytical structures. All these areas are always used according the use cases that the projects want to cover successfully.

  • Data ingestion and storage
  • Data processing
  • Data visualization and analytics


Data ingestion and storage is the first stage of all the Big Data system. M> Consulting supports all its clients in the:

01Creation of systems of data ingestion with Real-Time technologies.

02Development of strategies of structured and not structured data storage.

03 Processes of emerging external and traditional data collection with the purpose of enriching the data.

04Processes of integration and normalization of SILOS data of the company information.


These are different strategies that can be developed in the companies with the objective of processing great quantities of data and optimizing the business. M> Consulting supports its clients in the:

01Creation of processes of normalization and integration with computation distributed in clusters.

02Development of strategies of structured and not structured data storage.

03Creation of processes of Real-Time data processing with distributed technologies.

04Development of algorithms of Machine Learning on the data history distributed in cluster.


The analytics systems are those which will provide more benefits to the business orienting data to use cases with return of investment. M> Consulting supports its clients in the:

01Modelling and development of analytic structures and resources in different business areas.

02Creation and development of descriptive and predictive algorithms with the purpose of anticipating and orienting strategies.

03 Implementation of analytic systems optimized to business users and analytic processes.

04Development of cognitive computation processes for video, text or image analysis with deep learning techniques.


  Excellence Center in Big Data

M&GT Consulting knows the importance of counting on the best professionals with the objective of reaching success in projects and create a long-lasting relationship with the clients and the business. For that reason, M&GT Consulting creates a center of excellence with the purpose of creating a hub with the best professionals who have different skills in the area of Big Data and Analytics. Unlike other companies, all our professionals can have a constant growth with us through training, events, meetups and experience in projects.

We know the importance of the constant training of professionals, since technology evolves in a surprising way. That’s the reason why M&GT Consulting has created a training school that achieves the skills improvement of its professionals, thus focusing in the professional growth of its developers.


  • Data Engineers

  • Data engineers specialized in the processing and creation of data flows in distributed format.

  • Data Architects

  • Profiles specialized in the development of architectures with specific technologies of data storage and processing.

  • Data Scientists

  • Specialized profiles in predictive analytics with the purpose of modelling and optimizing algorithms that provide value to the business.

  • Business Analyts

  • Specialized profiles in the modeling of structures and creation of analytical resources oriented to business analytics and optimization.


M&GT Consulting is a business and technology consulting company that started operating in 2005, and bases its success on the vision and clear definition of objectives and priorities.




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