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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

The new digital era is requiring businesses to transform in order to keep existing in the market: clients are more demanding, they want more agile and quality relationships, multi-device services and a record-time response. If a company doesn’t provide what they want, they will instantly look for an offer from competitors.

The input barriers that existed before for the creation of a business are now thinner, the new businesses attract high investments and the new technologies ease the creation of disruptive businesses with simpler costs structures.

If we look inside the companies, we will also find employers who changed their requirements, retaining talent passes through politics that are innovative, flexible and which have different compensation schemes.

For M&GT, digital transformation is the critical transformation of business due to the changes that come from markets and the clients’ behavior caused by the great progress in communications technology.

In order for the digital transformation to have successful results, it must go beyond the digital business, that is, it mustn’t be interpreted as the digitalization of only a part of the organization, but rather as a complete approach, and execute a true transformation: clients vision, channels, marketing and sales, product, technology, processes, people, governance and strategy.

Keys of success

   Aspire to a drastic change

   Involve the whole organization

   Short-term results and sustainability

   Coordinated and integrated approach

   Initiatives, methodologies and frequenciess

   Program management



  How can we help?

Our collaboration approaches are flexible and adjusted to the ambition level of the transformation. Our services are supported on four main service lines devoted to assure the success in the changes, with a greater or minor grade of commitment.

How can we help?

  • Diagnosis

  • Quick diagnosis focused on specific areas of the organization or the operations.
  • Operational diagnosis (wider environment, combining field observations).
  • Global performance, organizational and operational diagnosis of wide reach.
  • Digital assessment of the Company. Status of the digital adoption.

  • Focus Programs

  • Structuring and solution of strategic and operational problems.
  • Design, action plan and execution of projects focused on operative and organizational projects (e.g., elimination of the obstacles, redesign of processes, engineering impact, studies).
  • Omni-channel,improvement of the client’s experience.

  • Transformation Programs

  • Initial extended diagnosis.
  • Decision making of strategies, alignment of the Senior Management. Leadership Development.
  • Global design of the Program, alignment of the leadership team, capacity building.
  • Program Leadership and execution of work lines, Project management.

  • Technology Plan

  • Definition of the technological strategy and architectures.
  • Selectin of tools and technologies, elaboration of Benchmarks and concept tests.
  • Selection of specialized profiles.
  • Development of projects and integration of technologies. Project PMO.




M&GT Consulting is a business and technology consulting company that started operating in 2005, and bases its success on the vision and clear definition of objectives and priorities.




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