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Talent is the center of M&GT

People are passionate about their work and develop themselves professionally every day with their peers.



We look for professionals with:

  • Interest in learning
  • Teamwork wishes
  • Communication skills
  • Initiative
  • Desire to develop a career
  • Enthusiasm for what they do
  • Interest in what they do


We value:

  • Willingness to do the job and personal preferences
  • Education and professional experience



We expect that our professionals participate in the development and growth of the Company and the challenges required for that purpose, thus building long term professional relationships actively, both inside and outside of M&GT Consulting

What do we offer to our professionals?

  • Project: M&GT

  • You are part of a company, not just a project.
  • M&GT has many projects and clients: once you finish your first assignment, we look for a new project according to your profile and experience.

  • Training

  • Training based on the development, skills and needs of each professional.
  • Personal and professional skills training.
  • Language training.

  • Career

  • Custom tracking of the career.
  • Coaching by other professionals.
  • Performance evaluation system to define the Personal Development Plan.

  • Active mentoring

  • Mentor assigned from the time of incorporation.
  • Professional development advisor.
  • Professional contact with every area within the company.

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M&GT Consulting is a business and technology consulting company that started operating in 2005, and bases its success on the vision and clear definition of objectives and priorities.




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