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IT Governance

M&GT helps IT organizations to evolve their governance structures according to a specific model. M&GT collaborates with the CIOs in the design and implementation of a custom Governance Model that faces the challenges established in the different management areas: results monitoring, organization of business area support, IT resources management and service management as a central connection point of the previous ones.

M&GT follows a governance model which defines the activities to be performed in each of the management areas and adapts that management framework to the specific situation of its clients, thus creating a custom governance model according to the requirements and necessities of each organization.

Plus, we are a company with great experience in the management of projects and the implementation and monitoring of service models, which allows us to define very simple governance models that are based on our real experience from many years in the IT sector.


IT Governance


  • IT Strategy

  • Analysis and definition of the IT strategy, definition of the transformation, design and implementation plan of the governance model and monitoring office of the strategic plan.


  • Service Delivery

  • Management of IT clients: service catalogue, relation model, demand management, ... and management of the services provided to business areas: ANS.

  • Financial Management

  • Analysis and definition of the economic model: costs analytics model, budget management and investment model. Economic monitoring and financial reporting.


  • Operations Management

  • Projects Management (Projects PMO, integrated PMO), management and monitoring of the architectures and analysis, and maintenance management.

  • Results Management

  • Definition of the IT management model. Definition and creation of the IT Control Panel. Results monitoring and business reporting. IT Governance PMO.


  • Provision of Resources

  • Internal resources management (organization, functions and responsibilities), supplier management and supervision and management of outsourcing contracts.




M&GT Consulting is a business and technology consulting company that started operating in 2005, and bases its success on the vision and clear definition of objectives and priorities.




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