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Technology Services

M&GT Consulting has a wide experience participating in great system integration projects, both at national and international level. We participate actively in the development and implementation of custom-built systems (core developments in financial and telecommunications entities) or package plans with a high adaptation level (core banking platforms, insurances, etc.), by taking user, operative and integration requirements, thus performing the technical and functional designs, unitary tests and codification, integrated assembling tests, to the certification and the beginning of production of the final technological products.

M&GT Consulting has professionals who are specialists in their clients’ transformation projects management, thus providing their wide experience and their know-how in the design and the production of Project Management Offices.

We are aware of the importance of the complete flow of projects, that’s why M&GT Consulting follows its clients in the definition and execution of the maintenance strategy, to assure the end-to-end control, define objective and measurable service indicators, optimize costs, predict estimates and initiate preventive actions of improvement. Besides, M&GT has a service line oriented to the definition of quality management models, implementation of software industrialization processes or definition and implementation of tests equipment.






M&GT Consulting is a business and technology consulting company that started operating in 2005, and bases its success on the vision and clear definition of objectives and priorities.




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