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Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology, a sort of general ledger where each entry is written in many computers. It is composed of inalterable digital bits of data stored in packages called “blocks.” Each block is linked to the next by means of a cryptographic signature; in a way that these block chains end up composing the general ledger, which may be queried and shared by anyone who has the necessary permissions. Blockchain is a log of all of these transactions since its beginnings.

This technology is the basis for the way in which cryptocurrencies work – especially Bitcoin.

At M&GT we are betting on the development of this technology, which is why we have launched a new company, Blocknitive, whose goal is to boost the yields of businesses through their integration with the Blockchain technology.


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M&GT Consulting est un cabinet de conseil d’affaires et technologie qui commence ses opérations en 2005 y qui base son succès sur la vision et la claire définition de ses objectifs y priorités.




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