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M&GT Consulting's expertise covers the spectrum of companies operating in the energy sector, and the various business functions within these organizations. We have extensive experience implementing business systems, such as:

1. Marketing Systems

  • Contact Centers (CRM)
  • Invoicing and payment systems

2. Management Systems

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)systems
  • Human Resource Management (HRM) systems
  • Business Intelligence y Performance Management
  • Production and transport systems
  • Logistics and inventory management processes

We recognize the long term nature of IT-supply and outsourcing relationships that exist within the energy sector. As a result, we understand the drivers and considerations of both our clients and their suppliers, and are uniquely placed to improve the effectiveness of sourcing arrangements.

Our approach to process reengineering is to achieve optimization by reducing time to market and reducing operating costs through the application of technology and common sense.

M&GT Consulting has industry experience establishing corporate project governance structures, reviving and renewing IT strategies, ensuring that technology plans aligning with business strategies.

We can propose practical design and execution plans utilizing modern technology design concepts with proven, high return on investment.

Whether it selecting a Services Oriented Architecture versus an Event Driven Architecture, or shifting to a clouding computing paradigm, or even outsourcing software development and testingto external Factories, we can help you make and implement the most informed decision.



M&GT Consulting is a business and technology consulting company that started operating in 2005, and bases its success on the vision and clear definition of objectives and priorities.




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